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Hello!  Akwaaba!  Welcome to Taste Africa In Style.  Chef Afia Anabasua was born in Accra Ghana.  As far back as she can remember, cooking has always been part of her life.  She grew up in Ghana, West Africa.  


She still remembers sitting around the cooking fire helping her mother and older siblings cook.  She said thinking back always bring fond memories.  She has elevated the already flavorful unique African cuisine to another stage by crafting and creating healthy, delicious African dishes, by adding more spices, herbs, flavor and putting her own twist on twist on the already existing African food.  She takes the traditional African cuisine to another level of deliciousness.  

Afia Anabasua also has a degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising and a degree in Fine Art. She also an Event Planner, decorator, Love gardening, hiking and an amateur Photographer   


Throughout the map of Africa, let Chef Afia take you on a cultural culinary jourey of her beloved continent of AFRICA.

Me Da Si!  Shukran.  Thank You!

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