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Playa Del Ray California.  Explore this hidden gem beach coastal line community with me.  My neighborhood is not just about our beautiful beach, we have much more!  Let me show you some of my favorite places.  Melody and I love taking walks at BALLONA CREEK, it is search a beautiful place.  I love watching the stream, listening to the birds and on a good day we see rabbits running around, and we sometime bring lunch!  Alright alright! we do bring lunch most of the times!  BALLONA WEST LAND is another place for you to visit, I also love the duck pound - Playa Lagoon or you might want to venture a few block feather into Playa Vista or watch plans lands and take off at LAX.  If you don't feel like walking through the wet lands, or through grass land and unlike me, aviation is not you thing, then you can't go wrong with a stroll at the beach, watching the sunset before Afia's Chef Table

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