Hello everyone!  I hope it is a beautiful day wherever you are.  I am sure we all have things we enjoy doing. places we like to visit to travel to, things we like to see our happy places.  There are too many places in the world that I will like to travel to, hopefully very soon I will be doing just that.  


But until then I have been going around LA, and what an excitment it has been so far.  Some of the places I have visited was the Getty Villa.  I must admit this was my second time there!  And it would probably not be the last time I visit the place.  Two summer past, a friends friend come for a visite from Gemeny, and I took them to The Getty Villa. 


I thought they might enjoy it and they loved it!  So if you are into pompeii, ancient Room, Greece or Etruria, and you are ever in LA, you may like to pay the Getty Villa a visit.  These pics were taken by me usung my bag as a stand enjoy!

Silk Vintage Green Leaves Flair Dress Getty Villa | Anabasua Style

This colosseum pic actually was not taken by me.  It was taken by a beautifuly soul and beautiful Morrocan lady I met at the Getty Villa.  You never know where you will meet a friend.  The universe is open to you.  It is up to you to decide which part you will take in and allowed in your life.  Thank you Dekra!

A little details for you all who are interested in my outfit.  It is actually a skirt and top. Vintage floral leaf silk flair dress I bought years ago from the Rose Bowl Flea Market. The wrap is a long chiffon silk floral leaf vintage material from India. The little pink silk slip is from Dior but, it could be any slip.  

Good bye Getty! until the next time.