My table decor is  always set accordingly to my mood or what the occasion is about.  

It doesn't matter if it's casual dinner, eating by myself, weekend dining with friends, events dinner or a holiday festive fest, I table setting decoration is something I do on any dining occasion.  

Dining table decorating should not always be expensive.  You can always go and buy flowers, table linen and others things or you could be creative and shop around your house and garden for whatever is needed.  Oh, and you may occasionally shop for plants around your neighborhood, just don't do it on someones yard!   When you are setting your table, use other decor tips to help you but, at the same time, be original add your style and character to your design.  


Candles are always part of my decor, I mean you can never go wrong with a candle light dinner right!  Then there is my stunning succulent table arrangement from my garden.  I love succulent and I have make it a point to always have succulents added to my table decor.  I am proud of my African of my African Heritage, so my ethnic background is part of my home decor.  I have wooden carvings from West Africa, Spice Tagine and lanterns from Morocco.  If you don't already know this, by the look of my apartment, one should not be surprise when I tell them I am an African.    


If I have to describe my style, I will say, Casual Chic, Eclectic Elegance, Eclectic Ethnic Bohemian , Unique Ethnic Chic, they all have my name on it.  Most important everything should not be perfect.  I like somethings a little bit off.  People should feel welcome and comfortable when they dine with you at your home!

I hope this help you set the mood for your own dining experiences.



Emerites On It Way Home