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Afia Photography

I Love Photography.  I like looking through photos of others wondering what the photographer was thinking and feeling at that moment in time when they took that picture.  I think every picture is a time and moments between a photographer and it subject, a point of view, a story telling of the photographer, a time that will never come the same way again.  When you take a picture or cupture a momen that will never change even if  everything and the world around you changes later.  It is like time standing still forever in photos.



The first time I realized  that one day I was going to take pictures was a raining day.   I was 11 years old, sitting on my lauggage on the Yapei Queen a boat, on my way to Accra, and I was trying to read a book.  And it has started to rain, and evryone was trying to find a dry place.  I just covered my head with my mothers  African cloth and kept reading.  I finally lifted my  head to see the two Germans on the boat Husband and Wife taking pictures of me.  Let me tell you, I was not happy about that.  I told them they should have ask my permition first.  They did apologized and explain to me that they were photographers.  I look so natural and unique they had to.  And I thought from their point of view I must have looked a sight. It is just like what I see when I paint.


At the dusk the next day, I was thinking about the two Germans and what they do.  I looked across the Volta River, the morning light reflection on the water, and how beautiful it has always been to me.  As an Artist I wanted to take my paint brush out and paint.  I realized how wonerful it could be to capture that moment in time forever.  I told my self one day I am going to travel around the world and take pictures.   


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