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Plant Based, Vegan, Vegetarian Food

Hello Everyone! Chef Afia's African continental cuisine, is a mixture of tradition and her own craetion.

Africfoodies Vegan Menu

5 Course

Hello! Akwaaba!  To Chef Afia's Cooking Classes 


The roots of North African cuisine dated back to north Africa empire date back to antiquity.  Along the way, couscous, olive oil, was introduced before the Romans and the 7th century the Arabs brought  saffron, nutmeg, spices and etc.  And you may say the Arab took over North Africa.  You will see Arab influences in most of North African dishes and culture. 


Southern African cuisine or as it is known as rainbow cuisine.  The region and dishes is a blend of various Southern African native people, European and Asian.  You will enjoy dishes like Potjiekos, traditional Afrikaner meat and vegetables stew.  Impala seafood dish includes Crayfish, oysters, mackerel, lobsters, mussels tuna and prawns and many fantastic dishes that include Malagasy cuisine from Madagascar.  


I will also be cooking some fantastic dishes from the Horn Of Africa.  Ethiopian cuisine that  some of you are probably familia with.  Africa is a large continent, and from my point of view and taste, have the most tasty delicious eclectic flavorful cuisine in the world.  Oh well, I am an African what can I say!

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